Marina Residence

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Unique concept of life

The comfort of the residents is provided by a full range of comfort systems. The building uses modern technologies available in the elite housing projects in Bulgaria.

Marina Residence is built with a sustainable and harmonious design that fits into the context of the city and on the other hand to form a new individual look with a memorable character. Being a functional and comfortable building that meets the high demands and needs of its inhabitants.

Luxury and sophistication from the entrance


The building has a 24/7 security guard to ensure access, security and privacy.

Lobby bar with summer corner

On the ground floor, in the beautifully designed lobby, residents will have the opportunity to use a built-in, modernized vending machine with a fragrant presence.

Underground parkspaces

For the convenience of the residents, we have provided for each residential unit to have an option to buy two parking spaces.

Bicycle stands

We have also thought about those who accept cycling as a green and healthy transport. The network of bike lanes in Burgas is being developed and maintained, with the last construction of the route leading to the Sarafovo neighborhood. This is the most convenient amateur bike lane, as cars do not have access to it, but it is extremely beautiful - on one side is the sea, and on the other - Atanasovsko Lake.

Station for electric cars

Supporting the development in the field of ecology and environmental protection, through creativity in the "green" ideas and innovative methods for their implementation, we have positioned at each underground level charging station for electric vehicles.

Elevators Thyssenkrupp

Thyssen AG has been active in the German market since its inception, the first escalation in Germany in 1906.
The elevator service at the company includes a global award for energy efficiency, design and technology. In 2021 At the World Elevator Exhibition the company wins the National Award for the project of the for the innovation of propulsion and mechanics.

Premium list of services

Marina Residence offers a range of services to make residents feel surrounded by care:

  • Doorman with working hours 24/7
  • Washing of facades by industrial climbers
  • Wi-Fi in the lobby and in the courtyard
  • Carts for transporting goods from the parking lot to the apartment
  • Arrangement festive events for residents
  • Maintenance of the lobby bar and children's club KID'S LAB in accordance with the content of the project

Detail in every home

Additional sound insulation between walls and floors

Тhe walls in the building are designed in detail with a combination of 12 - centimeter brick blocks Porotherm 12 N+F and Porotherm 8 N+F, between which there are 5 cm sheets of mineral wool reducing the possibility of transmitting sound waves from one to the other brick block

Double floor system on ceramic tiles

Тhis method of installing ceramic tiles to cover the terraces avoids the application of grouts that wear out over time, dirt, disappear. The system provides good drainage and hides perfectly visible installations without requiring significant structural changes in the building. It prevents possible cracking of the ceramic tiles during snow retention in the winter months and in case of necessary repair of the waterproofing coatings on the terrace will not be necessary to apply noisy and dirty processes of scraping and removal of garbage and only lifting.

Heat pump infrastructure system

The heat pump regulates the temperature by transferring heat. It has three main components: outdoor unit (evaporator), indoor unit (bodies) (condenser) and refrigerant. Тhe refrigerant transfers heat so that it circulates between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit (s).

Floor heating

Underfloor heating is supplied with water from the heat pump system of Daikin - Achterma as the temperature decreases for the most comfortable for the human body. Тhe floor heating is completely autonomous with the possibility of reaching 28/29 degrees Celsius.

Drinking water purification filter

Self-cleaning centrifugal filter for drinking water and food products with pre-centrifugal filtration. Тhe filter precipitates on a centrifugal basis the larger contaminants entering it and the smaller parts and is filtered through the filter material in the form of a sock. Separates the solid parts from the liquid - soil, sand, rye, etc. Changes the direction of the incoming liquid on a centrifugal basis and separates impurities to the bottom of the clear glass. Аdditionally secondarily filters the liquid through a fine mesh.

Professional softening system

In 1974 Erie were the first company in the world to manufacture valves for softening systems and perform automatic regeneration in ion exchange systems. Since the beginning of the century, after almost 60 years of development and production of control valves, a strategic decision has been made to focus the company entirely on water purification systems and the use of such systems in a larger range in residential buildings, commercial / industrial buildings and commercial application.

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